American Legion Events – 2018

50/50 Cash Raffle Tickets still for sale

Drawing – Dec. 7, 2018 @ 7pm

$50.00 per Ticket. All proceeds Will Go To Improvements to the Whitehouse American Legion and the sponsored Legion baseball team.
1. $5,000 (or 25% of Sales)
1. $1,500 (or 7.5% of Sales)
1. $1,000 (or 5% of Sales)
4. $250 (or 1.25% of Sales/prize)
10. $150 (or .75% of Sales/prize)

Raffle is 50/50. Prizes represent amount of all tickets sold. If tickets are not sold, Prizes will be awarded according to percentages listed above. Winner does not have to be present to win prizes.

The next  Legion/SAL board meeting will be Tuesday, Nov 6th at 7pm.

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